Grohmann Pelt Knives
& Folders

Grohmann Knives Limited is a family business with a big reputation. 
Proudly made in Canada for Over 50 Years.

Manufacturers of the ORIGINAL
   Canadian Belt Knives  


G100 buffalo





G380 Folder

G360 Folder

Leather Sheaths

Lobster Set
Care Of Grohmann
Knives / Safety Tips
    The Grohmann Story    

Grohmann Knives also continue to manufacture their original DH Russell Belt Knives series ....

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Grohmann Outdoor Dream Series
Canadian Pelt Knives


G100S:  Pelt Skinner

W100S:  Pelt Skinner 1977 award winner,
Stainless Blade with water buffalo handle

W100S:  pelt skinner, 13cm stainless blade,
black buffalo hornhandle, leather sheath
AKC Mailorder: $189.00 + post

Special: $169.00 + post


G101:  Upswept Skinner 

G101S:  Upswept Skinner, Stainless Blade
G101S:  Upswept skinner, 12.5cm stainless blade,
rosewood handle, leather sheath
AKC Mailorder: $103.00 + post

G101C: Upswept skinner, Carbon Blade

G101C: 12.5cm blade, 12.5cm carbon blade,
rosewood handle, leather sheath    
AKC Mailorder:$105.00 + post

G103:  Short Skinner  

G103S:  Short Skinner, Stainless Blade

G103S: Short skinner, 9cm stainless blade,
rosewood handle, leather sheath  
AKC Mailorder: $126.00 + post

G103C: Short Skinner, Carbon Blade

G103C: Short skinner, 9cm carbon blade,
rosewood handle, leather sheath
AKC Mailorder: $127.00 + post

G103SF: Short skinner, stainless, Flat Grind

G103SF: flat ground short skinner, 9cm stainless blade,
rosewood handle, leather sheath  
AKC Mailorder: $126.00 + post

H103S: Short Skinner, Stainless/Stag Handle


H103S: Short skinner, 9cm stainless blade 
STAG handle, leather sheath
AKC Mailorder: $198.00 +  post


W103S: Short Skinner, Stainless/Buffalo Handle


W103S: Short skinner, 9cm stainless blade,
BUFFALO horn handle, slip-in leather sheath.
AKC Mailorder: $169.00 + post

104SF:  Flat-ground Mini Skinner 

Flat ground knives. 
Based on the classic original designs, these more general purpose blades can go anywhere you go! More lightweight, versatile blades that sharpen up in a flash.By your side on Grohmann's sturdy genuine leather belt sheaths, these flat grind knives make for excellent camping knives - ideal for dressing game as well as for camp cooking duties. The stiff, flat ground blades can accompany you on a fishing trip, clean your fish, then thinly slice your dinner

G104SF:  Mini Skinner, Rosewood


G104SF: Mini skinner, FLAT GROUND, 6.5cm
stainless blade, rosewood handle, SLIP-IN sheath  
AKC Mailorder: $100.00 + post


G108:  Deer Hunter's Skinner 

G108S:  Deer Hunter's Skinner

G108S: Deer skinner, 14cm stainless blade,
Rosewood handle, leather sheath.
AKC Mailorder: $128.00 + post





G380S: Heavy-duty, drop-point, lock-back folding knife, stainless blade, ROSEWOOD scales, 12cm closed, nickel silver bolsters & pins, and top quality leather pouch.  

AKC Mailorder: $176.00 + post



Leather Sheaths:
All Grohmann outdoor knives are 'knife and sheath' combinations (except for the Grohmann pocketknife G360S). 
That means each knife comes supplied with a quality leather sheath. All leather sheaths are made of 6 to 8 ounce steerhide that is glued, stitched and riveted for maximum strength & durability. Each is then oiled tanned and polished by hand to give it a beautiful finish.
Made in Canada

Additional and/or replacement sheaths are available.

4/100 suits G100 $39.00
101 suits G101 $39.00
103 suits G103 $39.00
104 suits G104 $39.00

And sheaths to accept a steel:

G100S suits G100 $45.00
G101S suits G101 $45.00
G104S suits G104 $45.00
G100A overlap, suits G100 $42.00
G104A overlap, suits G104 $39.00
G380S suits G380 $39.00

Sharpening Steel

replacement 212-6 sharpening steel $29.00


 Safety Tips 

ALWAYS - keep your knife in a sheath and when wearing it on your belt. Keep it well back on your thigh so it will not interfere when sitting or kneeling.

ALWAYS - clean and dry your knife after every use. A safe way is to lay the knife blade on a flat surface and wipe one side then the other. Soaking knives in water or in a sink damages the wooden handles and could prove dangerous hidden under suds. Boiled linseed oil applied to dried rosewood handles helps their appearance. 

ALWAYS - Keep your knife sharp as a dull knife can be more dangerous to use. Every knife needs sharpening from time to time and after years of cutting all knives need to be reground either by us or someone experienced. Your butcher may suggest someone. 

ALWAYS - keep your carbon steel outdoor knives clean, dried and oiled to prevent rusting. 

ALWAYS - take care to fully open sheaths before removing knife to prevent cutting the sheath and occasionally oil the leather to keep it pliable if you wish. 

ALWAYS - keep your knives stored safely and out of reach of small children and teach your family how to use and respect knives. Safety begins first at home. 

Taking Care of Your DH Russell / Grohmann Knives

The number one thing to remember is each knife has been designed for a different purpose. Our knives are made with high quality materials to bring you a fine cutting tool. Our steels are ideal for edge retention and ease of sharpening. The high carbon content of our knives to maintain a sharp edge without rusting. Because even stain-less steels can sometimes stain due to certain food acids, it is a good practice to wipe your knives after every use. Carbon steel outdoor knives must be kept cleaned & oiled at all times when not in use to avoid corrosion. Carbon rusts, this the the nature of carbon steel and knives returned due to the corrosion are not covered under warranty, but can be usually be repaired/reconditioned for a minimal fee.
A safe way to clean your knives is to lay the knife blade on a flat surface and wipe one side then the other. Soaking knives in the sink damages the natural wooden handles and could prove dangerous while they are hidden under suds.
Wooden knife blocks and cutting boards are recommended for extending your knife edge. Glass or other hard cutting boards and surfaces will dull knives faster.  Serrated edges will generally stay sharper than straight edge knives.
Dishwashers, outside of damaging wooden handles, also dull blades faster than normal use because of the hitting action against other cutlery, etc. during wash cycles. We suggest a sharpening steel or ceramic sharpener to keep kitchen knives their best and use a wet stone to sharpen your Grohmann outdoor & pocket knives. 
 Kitchen knives should be kept in a plastic sleeve or knife block and outdoor knives in their leather sheaths for proper care.

Tung oil or boiled Linseed oil applied to dried rosewood handles helps their appearance.

Care should be taken to fully open sheaths before removing the knife. This prevents cutting of the sheath. Sheaths that are cut or damaged are not covered by warranty, only sheaths with manufacturer's defects, ie stitching or riveting. Also, the leather may be oiled occasionally to keep it pliable with Neet's oil or a good quality leather conditioner oil.

REMEMBER to be good to your DH RUSSELL KNIFE and you will have a fine product that will serve you long and well!

How To Sharpen your Knives at Home

For those who prefer to do their own sharpening, you can refer to the Grohmann Professional Sharpening Tips that comes with each knife on the back of your Lifetime Limited Warranty sheet. Our knives have a high carbon content, so are not difficult to resharpen. You can use a purchased sharpening system, most work well with a 20-30 degree angle on both sides of the blade (other than the left or right handed bread knives, all of our knives are sharpened on both sides equally).  We do not recommend most sharpeners on the backs of can openers etc as they tend to eat a lot of steel off your blades. Some 'built in' sharpeners that come with knife blocks also tend to actually dull up the steel after they wear out. The following are some quick tips we suggest.

Straight edge blade - Using a Combination Stone

Use a high grade combination stone and a low flashpoint petroleum product (e.g.. varsol) to keep the stone clean and lubricated. Many oils on the market, even though they claim to be thin, still tend to clog the pores in a stone overtime. Do this in a well ventilated area and be sure to clean your knife afterwards to remove all lubricant and shavings.

Hold the blade on a 20-30 degree angle from the stone on the medium grit side first. Starting where the blade meets the handle, using a medium pressure, draw the entire length of the blade across the stone as if taking a thin slice off the stone. Alternate sides evenly until sharp.

Then repeat 3-5 strokes on each side on the fine grit side of the stone to remove any burr.

Straight edge -Using a Sharpening Steel or Stick

Sharpening steels or ceramic sticks are ideal for touch-ups just before use. They are not recommended for a very dull/thick blade, use a combination stone instead.  When touching up on a sharpening steel or ceramic stick, lay the blade flat against the steel, then while keeping the edge against it, lean the top of the blade out approx 20-30 degree angle from the steel. Starting at the base of the blade (closest to the handle), draw the blade down along the edge right to the tip. Since Grohmann straight edge knives have the same bevel on both sides of the blade (makes the knife great for both left or right handed use) repeat this on the other side of the steel as well. Continue drawing the knife down on both sides equally until sharp.

Grohmann Knives: used by hunters and chefs for over 45 years
   .....  and still going strong.     


The Grohmann Story

Mr Rudolph Grohmann
(Renton-Spencer photo - c2008)
Grohmann Knives Limited is a family business with a big reputation. 
It is an Old World story that began before the second World War, when a commercial buyer from Quebec traveled once a year to a factory in Sudetenland, then a German region of Czechoslovakia, to buy pocket knives. Every year the buyer would urge Grohmann the production manager at the plant, to come to Canada , promising him help to get started. Mr.Grohmann would always decline as he was happy in his own country, but after the war, the political situation grew desperate and in 1949 Rudolph Grohmann accepted the offer.

Within a year, Grohmann and his family arrived in Nova Scotia at the invitation of the provincial government-funded Pictou Cutlery, which closed after three years. Mr. Grohmann, determined to make knives, built a garage workshop & began producing & engraving folding knives designed by himself. Shortly after, Mr. Grohmann met with Mr. Deane H. Russell and together they set out to design a truly Canadian knife. After field testing with the help of hunters & trappers across the north, the D.H. Russell Belt Knife #1 was born, which along with various other designs, won many awards and recognitions worldwide. Grohmann and Russell created three more models together, the #2, #3, & #4.

Grohmann Knives Limited was formed in 1961 by the family and was run by one of Grohmanns' daughters Berta & her husband Michael Babinec Sr.   Eventually they passed it down to their three sons who all worked in the business for some time.  Michael Jr. passed it on in turn to his daughter  Michelle, who runs it day along with approximately 25 employees.

Over the years, Grohmann Knives has designed more award-winning Canadian outdoor knives to add to the collection. They have won more than 25 international honors including a display at the New York's prestigious Museum of Modern Art.

"Often copied over the years, Grohmann is still the original and sole manufacturer of the D.H. Russell Belt Knives for over 50 years. Our quality Canadian belt knives are proudly owned by private collectors and sports enthusiasts from around the world. People who own a Grohmann knife are connoisseurs of perfection and have come to expect superior handcrafted quality that can't be matched", says Michelle. " Our knives are recognized around the world for their exceptional beauty, balance and quality.  " 

Left: Michelle (Babinec), Managing Director, the 4th generation of the Grohmann lineage


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