Roselli Wootz, UHC Hunting knife



Roselli's first knife model, Hunting knife, with a durable Roselli Wootz,  Ultra High Carbon (UHC) blade.

Following years of research and experiments, H Roselli developed his own way of processing ultra carbon containing bladesteel (1.5-2.0%). The outstanding edge holding properties of UHC-steel results from the high amount of hard carbides produced in the forging process. Whatever the job, UHC-steel holds its edge longer. In fact the edge retains its sharpness twice as long as conventional carbon steel.

Distinctive birch handle, kiln-dried and stained, has a shaped-bulbous universal and comfortable grip to fit every handsize. The hand-crafted handle surface is stained using linseed oil to preserve the warm touch of wood and to ensure a safe-tactile grip during use.

Each Roselli knife comes safely housed in a 100% compatible, strong and durable top quality leather sheath.

  • UHC Hunter (traditional hunting)
  • 10.5cm blade,  o/all 23cm
  • leather sheath

Made in Finland

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